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Celebrating freshness

r+ cafe delivers immersive dining experiences featuring fresh, nourishing and wholesome culinary creations made from ingredients harvested at or close to each site.

r+ cafe | grains

Located amidst greenery at Kampot Park, with the spectacular backdrop of the Bokor Mountains, r+ cafe - grains is the first r+ cafe.

Guests arrive via transfer on a vintage 1975 Jeep. Largely alfresco and set amidst an onsite padi farm, meals feature freshly harvested grains and local produce, including sea salt and the world-renowned Kampot pepper.

Our gourmet dining concept will have no more than 30 diners per sitting, ensuring a more personalised level of service and consistent food quality.
padi field with stretch of mountain in the background

Value in rarity

The extraordinary setting of r+ cafe - grains, its emphasis on local produce, and a chef-created menu all combine to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Making the concept even more precious is the short one-year tenure of the site, after which the cafe will be dismantled and moved to another equally special location.
cropped image of a farmer working on a padi field
cropped image of a chef's hand giving a finishing touch to a plate of food
close-up shot of a dish with fried fish and vegetables

Make your event remarkable

We would love to host your special moments, be it just for you and a significant other, or with family and cherished friends.

For enquires, please email us at cafe.grains@rplus.asia
table setting with an empty wine glass
r+ cafe comprises curated dining concepts, melding fresh local produce with refined, world-class culinary expertise.
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